Welcome to  Development Institute of Good Governance in Africa (DIGGA)


The Developemnt Institute of Good Governance in Africa(DIGGA) is a registered African non-profit organisation based in Garowe, Puntland, Somalia. We intend to cooperate and coordinate with likewise organizations globally.Through cutting edge research and trend analysis, regular publications and advocacy work, we aim to improve governance across our Seven key areas:


1.      Good Governance and Democratization  

2.      Infrastructure and Natural Resources Management

3.      Peace, Terrorism  and Extrimism Eradication

4.      Youth Development and Gender

5.      Research and Public Policy Advice

6.      Education and Vocational Training

7.      Health



Please do Feel Free to Contact the Secretariat at: 

Prof.Jimaale Road, Garowe, Puntland State

info@diggafrica.org or calicadawe@protonmail.com

We are there to support capacity building and the rehabilitation of human capital so that proper development is achieved by countries in the Horn of Africa.