Welcome to  Development Institute of Good Governance in Africa (DIGGA)


The team at DIGGA consists of the following researchers and development experts who have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the fields of Good Governance, Management of Natural Resources, Public Health,  and  Government.




·         Dr.Sadiq Enow, Executive Director

·         Dr.Ali  Adawe Abdullahi, Secretary General

·         Jama Geele, Treasurer


The Board


·         Bashir Issa Ali, Chairman

·         Dr.Sadiq Enow

·         Abdulkarim Salah ALI

·         Dr.Zahra Mohamed Ahmed

·         Mohamed Askar Ismael


     - Ibrahim Mohamed

     - Dahir Abshir 


Please do Feel Free to Contact the Secretariat at: 

Prof.Jimaale Road, Garowe, Puntland State

info@diggafrica.org or calicadawe@protonmail.com

We are there to support capacity building and the rehabilitation of human capital so that proper development is achieved by countries in the Horn of Africa.